9th Annual Chuckwagon Café
Dutch Oven Cook-Off Scheduled for
Saturday September 22, 2012

Grab a friend and come join the fun at this year’s Dutch Oven Cook-off! This is our Ninth year to showcase this unique cooking method’s strength, simplicity and beauty. Cooks from near and far will bring treasured cast-iron Dutch ovens and will create country cuisine at its best to capture the most votes from the public. The “Peoples’ Choice Award” Winner receives $100 cash and the “Honorable Mention Award” winner receives a $50 Chuckwagon Cafe Gift Certificate!

Dorothy Beason and daughter, Cathy Stolz, owners of the Chuckwagon Cafe, invite everyone to this fun and entertaining event held once again in the parking lot behind this busy little restaurant, which opened its doors in 1970 -- 42 years ago!

As Dutch oven cooks prepare tantalizing dishes, Boy Scouts and Umatilla High School student clubs will participate in fundraising activities. Their concession foods, such as hot dogs and Dutch Oven Fruit Cobblers for the public to purchase for a donation, are hard to resist. The youth groups will also present donated items for the public to bid on during the “30-Minute-30-Item Auction”. The annual event has raised over $11,500 for local area youth programs over the past eight years. Join us in making this another record-breaking year.

While the public observes Dutch Oven cooks in their camps set up along Cook’s Row, local musicians create toe-tapping energy and smiles throughout. The Buttercreek Boys, led by Curt Cloughton, use fiddles, guitars, base fiddles, a banjo and old time music to entertain all ages. Don’t miss this important event.

If you would like to contribute an item or two to the fundraising auction or volunteer to help, please contact Cathy Stolz at the Chuckwagon Café. If you wish to compete as a cook, please download information and forms. To subscribe to the Chuckwagon's free email updates, please join the cafe's fast-growing eFamily on line or at the restaurant. For further information, become a fan at Facebook Facebook, where the Chuckwagon presents breaking information, monthly drawings and frequent offers. Thank you for your interest. For other inquiries, contact us at 541-567-6329. Thanks for your interest in Dutch Oven Cooking, in helping local youth groups and in the Chuckwagon Cafe.

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